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Meet our amazing speakers!

Present Like a Pro! Learn Tips for Facilitating Informative and Engaging Parent Workshops

with Chrisna Perry

Have you ever wanted to expand your business by providing parent education workshops, but weren't sure how to get started? Well, this session is for you!

Learn helpful strategies to turn your wealth of knowledge into engaging and interactive workshop sessions that will enable parents to add tools to their parenting tool belt!

Creating a Wave of Change in Your Community as You Work With Schools as a Business Owner -Tips for Consulting with Schools

with Casey Harrison

As educators, whether our work resides within the school system or outside of it, we are collectively part of this movement of change and growth. As an educator, tutor, therapist, or instructional coach with a business, how can we promote the best outcomes for our children? Providing opportunities to work with the schools in your community can benefit your business.

Learn helpful strategies and tips for bringing your knowledge and skills into schools to create change through consultations, professional development, partnerships, and more!

Make Authentic Connections Through Social Media - How to Build Your Business Community Online

with Hanna Stroud

As educators, we know the value of making meaningful connections with our students, their families, and our colleagues. Social media is one way that we can make authentic business connections to support the growth of our tutoring business.

Join Hanna as she shares their favourite ways to foster community with your current tutoring families, promote your business, engage with potential families and build a strong tutoring community with other professionals.

Virtual Assistants Give You Back Your Time!- Learn How a Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Tutoring Business!

with Kathleen Lavallee

Do you need more hours in your day? Is there a certain routine task that you don't like doing? Does it overwhelm you to even think about creating something in canva? Virtual assistants can be your answer to ALL off these questions!

Find out how virtual assistants can help you from very small, one time tasks to large, ongoing tasks. Virtual assistants mold to what YOU and your business need!

3 Whoa’s of Community Partnerships!

with Dee Holloway

Have you ever wondered how to create a greater impact on your scholars? Have you ever wondered how to increase student engagement based on access to resources?

Community partnerships are perfect for you!! Here’s to 3 reasons why creating community partnerships are important to improving your tutors academic progress.

SOS… SEO! How to Help Your Website Show Up in Search Results

with Christi Fultz

Do you feel invisible online? If so, it's time to put your website to work for you. Learn eight simple ways to generate FREE leads for your business by taking advantage of organic search engine traffic.

Whether you're a brand new website owner or have an existing site, I'll help you overcome common roadblocks that keep your website hidden from readers.

Creating that "Spark": How to Use Branded Products, Fundraising, and Community Events to Make Families Excited About the Tutoring Experience

with Dominique Williams

In this interview, Dominique will share how she has made the branding for Sparky Brains Tutoring part of the family experience by making colorful, exciting products for kids to enjoy that make it "fun" to be a Sparky Learner!

Success As An Online Tutor with Minimal Technology

with Michelle Breitenbach

This session will show you how to elevate your instruction and transform it into engaging lessons using materials you most likely own. It will be a full- demo workshop on optimizing the use of video as an online tutor. If you are overwhelmed with technology or your students have been less engaged, you will leave feeling confident about how you can make it more successful.

Working on the Road - Know Before You Go!

with Wendy Dobesh

Thinking about making a living on the road as a full-timer RVer? Don't let the logistical considerations keep you from heading down the road to living your best life!

Wendy will share many of the things she has learned leaving behind a sticks-and-bricks home and office to living and working on the road.

Is a Podcast Right for Your Business? Why You Should Start a Podcast as an Online Educator!

with Ashley DiMercurio

In this presentation Ashley will discuss the idea of "pillar content" and WHY a person might decide to start a podcast.

She'll also share what it's like running a podcast and how a podcast can develop brand awareness and help you build authority in your field.

3 Benefits of Having Multiple Streams of Income as a Tutor

with Erica Terry

In 2021, Erica's husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer forcing her to step away from her side hustle, Classroom to CEO, to step into the caretaker role.

Come hear about the lessons that she learned and how passive income streams helped her online business stay afloat during the months that she was unable to work.

Tutor Team Tips for Success: Managing Your Team of Tutors for Business Growth and Maximum Client Satisfaction

with Heather O'Donnell

Learning how to manage an in person and virtual tutoring team takes communication and strategic systems.

While Heather operates both an in person and an online practice, the communication strategies needed for success are important for both types of businesses. Heather will also share a few danger zones her team has encountered along the way!

School District Contracts 101

with Co-Presenter Tracy Maxwell

Tracy and Dite combine their unique perspectives and experiences in setting up contracts to work with schools in a variety of capacities.

They will also guide you in how getting school contracts can be proactive or reactive, and what the tutor's tole may be for each.

School District Contracts 101

with Co-Presenter Dite Bray

Want to grow your business through school contracts? This presentation will help you understand the ins and outs of working with a school contract. We’ll cover how to get the contracts, what to ask before you start working with a student, what to charge, how to bill, what to include in your contract and how to deal with progress-monitoring and reports.

How to Plan for Summer Camp on a Shoestring Budget: Providing Rich Experiences without Breaking the Bank

with Heather Groce

How do you execute a big idea on small scale resources? You plan to the best of your ability, and then you close your eyes and leap!

Get some great tips on running an educational summer camp... From the success Heather experienced to all the mistakes she hopes to never make again!

7 Things You MUST Do If You are Leaving Teaching

with Jill Wile

After "leaving" teaching 4 different times in her 20+ year career, Jill has learned a few things about a graceful and positive transition. (She was even re-hired by the same school on two different occasions).

If you are considering leaving the classroom to focus on your business, these action steps and mindset shifts will ensure that your transition goes without a hitch.

Maximizing Technology and Community Connections to Become the "Go To" Tutor in your Community

with Maleeta Kitchen

Building intentional connections in your community by using "word of mouth" marketing about your services on LinkedIN, Facebook groups, and through family activities.

Thank you to our amazing presenters!

We are so grateful that you are sharing your experiences and advice so that all tutors can reach their next level of success.

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Summit Success Guide

Wish you had a roadmap to get the most out of the Tutor Success Summit? You do!

See the top takeaways from each presentation, helpful links, and a spot to take notes and capture the ideas that each presentation will inspire for your tutoring business!

Summer Planning Bundle

Summer will be here before you know it... are you READY?

Grab our Summer Time Plan-a-Palooza resources with goal setting, checklists, calendars, and resources to make this your best summer ever.

Already have your summer planned out? Save these goodies for next year!

The "Big Leap" Roundtable Discussion Video Access
Many educators are considering leaving the classroom, and a tutoring business can be a logical next step on your career path. But what do you need to keep in mind if you are considering this step?

Sit at the table as tutors share their stories of transitioning from teaching to full-time tutoring. You don't want to miss the insights these tutors share!

Thank you to our Summit Sponsor!

The mission of the Institute for Excellence (IEW) in Writing is to equip teachers and teaching parents with methods and materials which will aid them in training their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers.

Using the four language arts—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—IEW methods have been proven to be effective for students of all ages and levels of ability, including those who are gifted, have special needs, or are English language learners.

Learn more about their incredible resources and services at iew.com!

Have you had your students’ parents approach you asking about writing?

Many parents are looking for instructors who can help their students organize their thoughts and put them into well-considered compositions. The demand is high!

Jennifer Mauser, a private tutor who is also the blog content editor and a hybrid schools consultant for the Institute for Excellence in Writing® (IEW®), will share how IEW’s Structure and Style® approach to writing can help students gain proficiency in written expression.

🖊* Discover how becoming an accredited IEW instructor can extend your reach and boost your business.

🖊* Learn how you can easily add IEW’s writing method to your online instruction.

🖊* Enjoy knowing that you are supporting students in developing critical thinking skills as well as their writing and grammar knowledge.

Thank you to IEW for sponsoring this presentation!

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Emily Gibbons and Jill Kohlenberg founded Tutor Success Academy to help educators build tutoring businesses they love. TSA offers cohorts for their 8 week business course twice a year, as well as offering masterclasses and resources year-round. Over 500 awesome educators have gone through the cohorts, and TSA has helped over 3,000 tutors and educators since opening May of 2018. Let's just say they "get" the tutor experience!

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Presentation Schedule

This is a virtual/online summit. Each presentation will be prerecorded, and they will be released on a schedule April 29-May 1. Once each day's presentations have gone live on the summit site, you can watch them at any time for 24 hours with a free ticket. For example, the Day 2 presentations will open at 9 a.m. EST Saturday and will close at 9 a.m. EST on Sunday.

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During the weekend of the summit, we will have prize posts on the public Tutor Success Academy Facebook Page where attendees can comment about their insights, a-ha moments, and take-aways!

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