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Finding Time to Work on Your Business

5 tips to find time to work on your business...when you've already got a jam-packed schedule! Let's face it...we know we'll make the time to work IN our businesses because we have no other choice. We'll write the lessons, work with our students, prep materials, and support our families. But as a...


The 7 Pillars of a Successful Tutoring Business- Video Series

We've helped over 400 tutors build and expand their tutoring businesses, so we know a little something about what you need to succeed. Learn our top tips for building a strong, successful tutoring business in this 7 video series starting with Pillar #1.... Intention. Mastering these pillars will...


My 3 Favorite Teach-From-Home Accessories

If you've had to move to teaching from home (and especially if you've found out you'll be continuing in the fall), you're probably ready to make your set up work better for you!There are TONS of gadgets and accessories out there to "up" your tech game, but if you know me, I like to keep it...


It helps to have more than one way to earn money as an educator!

Talking with Erica Terry About All Things $ and how why it is SO important to have more than one way to bring in money as a business owner. (I also share a little personal story of how this helped me!) You can listen to Erica at the Classroom to CEO Podcast here:...


Let's Talk About LIGHTING For Your Online Tutoring!

We've all moved to this new world of virtual learning. Since we are connecting with our students through a screen, it is important for them to be able to see us clearly. No more "teaching from a cave" for us! Even if you can't be near a window, you can still have a well lit teaching space. Watch...