You know how to plan for your lessons... but did anyone ever help you plan for your tutoring business?!

When you run a tutoring business you have two roles- educator and business owner. Sometimes the "business" side of running a business can be overwhelming! And more often than not, nobody ever taught us to look at our business from an aerial view and plan for our business with as much intention as we plan for our students.

Successful tutoring business owners...

Are effective at task-planning, both day to day, project-based, and for the year

Set strategic, attainable goals with trackable metrics to know what's working

Create work flows and repeatable procedures for processes in their business

What if we could make it easier to step into the organized, confident C.E.O. role of your business?

Introducing the...

Tutor Business Planning Bundle!

Planning Templates

These printable planning templates will help you stay on top of your to-do lists! You'll have 50+ designs of different daily AND weekly planner options!

You'll also get monthly planners, a project planner, and a year-at-a-glance planner. The year-at-a-glance will be especially helpful with the map-out-your-year training below!

Goal Setting Tools & Resources

Let's make a PLAN for the results you want to see in your life this year! You'll have access to 2 different goal setting resources, one more simple and quick (focusing on 3 core areas), and one more in-depth- Planning for Success.

This resource helps you reflect on what did and didn't work last year, and helps you set goals for the upcoming year in the areas of income, business success, social media/email audiences, lifestyle and schedules, investing in your growth, and overall happiness. You'll also get focused seasonal goal--setting templates to achieve your 3 most important goals each season.

Student Onboarding/Enrollment Trello Board System

Hmmm... what's a Trello Board? It's our FAVORITE online organizational tool here at Team Tutor Success Academy! We've created a custom board just for helping your organize the work flow and procedures from the first time a family contacts you to when that student is on your schedule (AKA "onboarding").

Your Trello Board has already-created checklists for the different phases of enrollment, but *everything* is customizable. So you can keep what you like and add in what you need!

Once you get your enrollment work flow "just right" with your checklists, links PDFs, and anything else you may need, just copy and paste for each new student. We'll show you how to set up Trello reminders on your phone to stay on top of all the enrollment pieces, and even how to print your onboarding checklists!

Curious how we take an aerial view of planning for our businesses?

We have two trainings showing you different aspects of planning ahead in your business.

Jill will show you how to map out your year and use your business plans and important times of year (like parent conferences) to make sure nothing "sneaks up on you" again!

Emily is going to show you how she plans out her blog content (which you could also use for emails) around important times of year and what provides the most support to families and other educators. You can learn a lot from how she plans ahead and apply it to your sharing efforts to support families and establish trust.

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