Have you been looking for ways to supports students and families in unique ways?

Let's create offers that go beyond the traditional 1-to-1 tutoring session!

Individual tutoring sessions are the most common service that tutors provide, and it is the easiest way to start your business! However, as a private educator, there is no end to the variety of learning experiences you can provide.

In Tutor Success Academy, we have found two additional types of services that can help you create offers that support learners on different parts of their journey. We have worked with hundreds of tutors and private educators, and the two areas educators want to learn about the most are how to support homeschooling families and how to offer services for groups. The possibilities are endless!

What is included in this bundle?

Homeschool Connections Masterclass

(with printable action guide)

Are you considering offering services with the goal of supporting homeschoolers? Are you already offering these services and are looking to add on to what you're already offering?

In this training, you are going to reflect on a few things.

Let's look at your perspective on homeschooling model, different ways to homeschool, and observing your community to understand what homeschooling looks like in your community.

You'll also what skills and talents YOU have that naturally support what families are looking for and the variety of offers and additional services (tutoring, groups, clubs, classes) that you can create.

Groups and clubs can be an affordable way for homeschooling students to benefit from your expertise (even if they do not have typical "tutoring" needs), and you'll be able to tap into your ability to provide parents to support their homeschooling goals.

Group Offerings Masterclass

(with printable action guide)

Working with groups is a goal that many tutors have! Group offerings are beneficial in several ways.

Groups provide a more affordable way to work with you. We all know that tutoring is often a significant investment, and sometimes having a variety of offers with a rage of price points can truly give families options that allow them to find what works for their family.

Groups allow you to offer unique learning experiences outside of traditional intervention services. Consider skills-based small groups, topic-based classes, and reading/writing clubs as just some of the options available.

Groups provide a way for you to create leveraged income opportunities in your business. This means that you have the potential to earn more per hour and increase your revenue in a substantial way!

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Return Policy

Due to the digital nature of these resources, this purchase is nonrefundable. You do have lifetime access to these trainings, and if you need any help, please email us at [email protected] we're here to support you!