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Present Like a Pro! Learn Tips for Facilitating Informative and Engaging Parent Workshops

with Chrisna Perry

Creating a Wave of Change in Your Community as You Work With Schools as a Business Owner -Tips for Consulting with Schools
with Casey Harrison

Make Authentic Connections Through Social Media - How to Build Your Business Community Online
with Hanna Stroud

Virtual Assistants Give You Back Your Time!- Learn How a Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Tutoring Business!

with Kathleen Lavallee

3 "Whoa"s of Community Partnerships!

with Dee Holloway

SOS… SEO! How to Help Your Website Show Up in Search Results

with Christi Fultz

Creating that "Spark": How to Use Branded Products, Fundraising, and Community Events to Make Families Excited About the Tutoring Experience

with Dominique Williams

Success As An Online Tutor with Minimal Technology

with Michelle Breitenbach

Working on the Road, Traveling & Tutoring by RV - Know Before You Go!

with Wendy Dobesh

Is a Podcast Right for Your Business? Why You Should Start a Podcast as an Online Educator!

with Ashley DiMercurio

3 Benefits of Having Multiple Streams of Income as a Tutor

with Erica Terry

Tutor Team Tips for Success: Managing Your Team of Tutors for Business Growth and Maximum Client Satisfaction

with Heather O'Donnell

School District Contracts 101

with Co-Presenter Dite Bray

School District Contracts 101

with Co-Presenter Tracy Maxwell

How to Plan for Summer Camp on a Shoestring Budget: Providing Rich Experiences without Breaking the Bank

with Heather Groce

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The "Big Leap" Roundtable Discussion Video Access
Many educators are considering leaving the classroom, and a tutoring business can be a logical next step on your career path. But what do you need to keep in mind if you are considering this step?

Sit at the table as tutors share their stories of transitioning from teaching to full-time tutoring. You don't want to miss the insights these tutors share!

Affiliate Marketing for Tutors training with Erica Terry

Contract Language to use when partnering with school districts

You'll have both PDF and editable documents to go along with Dite Bray and Tracy Maxwell's summit presentation "School District Contracts 101".

Richard Kitchenmaster's training on using automation, funnels, and FB ads to generate leads for his tutoring business.

Jennifer Counter's Inspiring Interview with Christy Staples

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Is it time for YOU to get a VA?

You may think the idea of having an assistant would be a dream come true...but maybe you don't know what they could actually DO for you?

Kathleen walks you through the process of looking at your tasks and seeing clearly what could be delegated to a virtual assistant and taken OFF your plate!

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