It's not too late to join us for the tutoring event of the year!

All weekend long new presentations are coming your way, you'll be able to collaborate at co-working sessions, and prizes and gifts will be given out every day!

The Tutor Success Summit brings together an amazing collection of leaders to give you 3 days of incredible trainings that will leave you inspired to take action and propel your tutoring business to the next level.

Meet our amazing speakers!

How To Host Virtual Summer Camps on Google Classroom

with Ashley DiMercurio

Behind the Scenes of a Tutoring Nonprofit

with Latoya Watts

Streamline Your Workflow by Integrating Google Sheets and Slides

with Emily Laidlaw

Building Bridges: Enhancing Education through Collaboration with School Districts

with Maleeta Kitchen

Tutor's Guide to a Stellar LinkedIn Profile: Craft a LinkedIn Profile That Opens Doors

with Joanne Kaminski

Using Social Media to Network and Grow your Tutoring Business

with Madison Anderson

Let's Talk Workshops!
Meaningful Online Learning Experiences Using a Hybrid Workshop Model

with Cathleen Killeen-Pittman

Maximizing Productivity: Organization Strategies for Effective Workdays, Tutoring Sessions, and Business Growth

with Margie Figueroa

Small But Mighty Teams: Getting Started with Team Building

with Stacia Rosenau

Building Community and Following from Nontraditional Learning Environments

with Tiffany Blassingame

Breaking the Stereotype: Debunking Myths About Introverted Entrepreneurs

with Rita Santos

Taking your Documents to the Next Level with Adobe Acrobat

with Kathleen Lavallee

Using Technology to Support Parent Involvement, Communication, and Learning

with Ioanna Dimitriadou

Show Up in Search Results : What I Learned from Working with SEO Experts

with Jennifer Talik

Increase Your Profits and Maximize Your Time with Online Tutoring

with Michelle Breitenbach

The Secret to Successful Enrollment Conversations: Interviewing Tips for Parents and Students

with Gretchen Wegner

Launching Your Tutoring Business: Mindset Hacks for Landing Your First 5 Clients

with Brittani Peoples

Profitability in Your Tutoring Business- Decisions that Ensure Your Business is Strong and Long-Lasting

with Megan Fleming

Time-Saving Tech for Tutors: Free Google Forms & ChatGPT for Faster Intake, Report Writing, & Tailored Support

with Kelli Heinemeier

Success Through Social Media: How to Utilize Instagram and Facebook as a Business Tool

with Hali Mullins

And the most important part of the summit... YOU!

Plus you get a BUNDLE of Bonuses!!

What is the investment?

With 20 guest presenters, bonus trainings, and LIFETIME access to the summit experience, the value of this summit is over $1000.

Your ticket to the Tutor Success Summit is just $129.

For less than the cost of 1 hour with a business coach, this summit has incredible value and will add so much to your business learning, invigorate your offer possibilities, and will catapult you into success for the life you envision for yourself.

**NOTE: This purchase is final and nonrefundable due to the digital nature of the presentations and bonuses.

So how is the Summit going to work?

Presentation Schedule

Each presentation will be prerecorded, and they will be released on a schedule April 12-14. Once each day's presentations have gone live on the summit site, you can watch them at any time... fit the summit around YOUR schedule!

Prize Posts

During the weekend of the summit, we will have prize posts on the public Tutor Success Academy Facebook Page where attendees can comment about their insights, a-ha moments, and take-aways! This is the only "time dependent" part of the summit as the prizes will be awarded at the end of the weekend-- it's really just icing on the cake to enhance your summit experience.

Lifetime Access!

We know educators are BUSY. So you'll have lifetime access to the summit presentations. This means if you're busy that weekend, or you just have a lot going on this spring, you can get "caught up" later. Save your spot NOW, then dive in when your schedule lightens up a little!

Don't miss out! Get LIFETIME ACCESS to these amazing presentations...

Have any questions?

Just getting started with tutoring? Already experienced and have a full practice? Is this summit only for Orton Gillingham instructors??? We've got answers to your questions!

This is a year's worth of professional development, and you'll have lifetime access to all of it. Create your very own success library today!